ETA approval will include the creation of transverse reinforcements

All WOODIES Ultimate screws feature shank ribs and special threads for easier and fastener screwing into wood, as well as reducing the risk of breakage.“.S.

The range of WOODIES Ultimate large Waferhead screw has also now been extended to include more dimensions, with a screw length up to 400mm — deliverable from stock — with even longer lengths available on request

To achieve precise calculation, the HECO-TOPIX full threaded screws will be included in the new version of the HECO Calculation Software, HCS 4. The screws can be inserted parallel to the wood grain at an angle of 0°, which means that column # bases can also be screwed from below.

The HECO-TOPIX® full threaded screw with countersunk head can be installed quickly and easily and is suitable for fastenings that are subject to high loads – such as screw connections for timber connectors, column bases or transverse reinforcements and supports. In addition, the ETA approval will include the creation of transverse reinforcements in openings as well as an insertion angle of 0°, ensuring a wider scope of application.

What’s more, the Gypsum Board Screws Suppliers makes it easier to work close to the edge as it reduces wood splitting.0 will give production engineers and installers the opportunity to calculate rafter-purlin joints or the transmission of high compressive forces precisely


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